So I am not sure if I asked this before. But I wanna get the Afterglow Wireless Universal Headset. Problem is the dumb USB connection. I know it's because Microsoft is stingy with it's wireless connections but I don't really wanna move the USB to different consoles for different uses because that defeats my whole…

So, guys. I am wondering, when a PC game has 360 pad support, does it mean it'll recognize and use any game pad? Because I was thinking about getting the F710. I am doing this because I am sick and tired of MotioninJoy only barely working when i need it to for my bluetooth wireless gamepad needs.

Please tell me I'm not the only one being plagued by a horrendous, unbearable throttling on Youtube downspeed. I clock in 12 MB/S and every other video site I go on lets me play 1080p with no lag but on Youtube I can't even get 240 without pausing every half second. *Sigh* I tried changing to CA, and flushing my DNS.…

So I've been wanting the Universal Wireless Afterglow Headset. I have been wondering though, do I need to keep moving the transmitter around when I want to use it on a different console? If so can you guys recommend me any universal WIRELESS headsets that work with WiiU, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC?


Okay so I already made a Xenoblade Chronicles post complaining and moaning about the lack of sidequest tracking. But man, I got to the part where *SPOILERS* Shulk earns the Monado and Fiona dies* Man, that makes no sidequest tracking worth it. Plus exploring that vast wilderness on the Bionis knee is breathtaking.

I am so far hating the fact that I can't track sidequests in Xenoblade Chronicles. The rest of the game is fine and dandy though. I went in knewing about the tracking problem but I never did realize it would bother me so much I have to take incremental 30 minute breaks from constant searching.