So I was browsing Kotaku comments and heard on the grapevine that Sarkeesian's "review" on Baynonetta is awful. I thought to myself "eeeeh, can't be that bad, right?" I was wrong. Keep annotations on if you're not familiar with the game.

So I am not sure if I asked this before. But I wanna get the Afterglow Wireless Universal Headset. Problem is the dumb USB connection. I know it's because Microsoft is stingy with it's wireless connections but I don't really wanna move the USB to different consoles for different uses because that defeats my whole…

So, guys. I am wondering, when a PC game has 360 pad support, does it mean it'll recognize and use any game pad? Because I was thinking about getting the F710. I am doing this because I am sick and tired of MotioninJoy only barely working when i need it to for my bluetooth wireless gamepad needs.

Please tell me I'm not the only one being plagued by a horrendous, unbearable throttling on Youtube downspeed. I clock in 12 MB/S and every other video site I go on lets me play 1080p with no lag but on Youtube I can't even get 240 without pausing every half second. *Sigh* I tried changing to CA, and flushing my DNS.…

Is there a way to dig up old TAY posts of mine? Because I made a post about Xenoblade Chronicles a week or two ago and some of the commentors put up videos of awesome music and I wanna check 'em out again.

So I've been wanting the Universal Wireless Afterglow Headset. I have been wondering though, do I need to keep moving the transmitter around when I want to use it on a different console? If so can you guys recommend me any universal WIRELESS headsets that work with WiiU, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC?

Still longing for the Wizard Edition. Why can't they print more, or as someone else said, why can't they print it again but give it a different box cover so it'll distinguish it from Wizard to the new edition but still has everything inside?

Now that is just sickening. Pinnacles of animation such as Young Justice and Green Lantern get cancelled while crimes against humanity like The Annoying Orange and Incredible Crew get the Greenlight!? I've contracted fatal cancer. Hng.


Do you guys think there's any semblance of a chance that more Wizard Editions of Ni No Kuni will get made? I am getting depressed that I missed the boat, and I am pretty sad that a lot of people who ordered it didn't get 'em at all.

Okay so I already made a Xenoblade Chronicles post complaining and moaning about the lack of sidequest tracking. But man, I got to the part where *SPOILERS* Shulk earns the Monado and Fiona dies* Man, that makes no sidequest tracking worth it. Plus exploring that vast wilderness on the Bionis knee is breathtaking.

I am so far hating the fact that I can't track sidequests in Xenoblade Chronicles. The rest of the game is fine and dandy though. I went in knewing about the tracking problem but I never did realize it would bother me so much I have to take incremental 30 minute breaks from constant searching.